Cold Solutions. Warm Service.


Spanning more than 10 years of excellence in installations and service, you can count on Comfort Systems delivers best-of-breed refrigeration service to restaurants and hospitality services across the Ottawa region.

While our comprehensive services provide the full scope of project design and installation, it's our five-star support that has made us a household name in the industry. By focusing on leading edge service tendered with a warm and friendly approach, Comfort Systems has been able to grow its portion of the marketshare while creating a unique and pleasant client experience in every commercial and industrial space we service. We understand that reliability in the food industry can not only make or break your ability to please your customers but it can also mean the difference between losing perishable products that impact your overhead costs.


This is why we offer  24/7 availability and emergency response to handle all complex challenges of your daily activities.  We also understand that the B-to-B market is about more than simple transactions it's about big picture thinking that impacts not only your bottom line but the long-term relationships you have with your customers.


From the most complex institutional build outs to retail chain stores, Comfort Systems brings competence and professionalism to every phase of your operations.



Comfort Systems Proudly Services:

·         Ice Machines

·         Walk-in freezers

·         Reach-ins

·         Lowboys

·         Fryers

·         Beer and Wine Coolers

·         Freezers

·         Display Cases

·         Blast Chillers

·         Rooftop Units 


Our comprehensive services cover all facilities, including:

·         Corporate Cafeterias

·         Retail Chains

·         Gourmet Food Markets

·         Hotels

·         Catering Facilities

·         Supermarkets

·         Airports

·         Gas Stations

·         School and Universities



To speak with a HVACR specialist and learn more about specific services, please Contact us.


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Our team is committed to respond fast to your questions or quotes. To serve you even better,  you can connect with us by phone,email or online chat 24 hours a day,7 days a week,365 days a year.  Also, you can get a free quote by calling us at 613-842-7431 or by using either  tools “GET A FREE QUOTE” or “GET STARTED” .


Our HVACR specialists are there to give you the right advice. Have all your questions answered by a certified HVACR technician, someone who knows about HVACR comfort solutions for your home or business inside and out. We are here to make sure that you get a reliable Comfort System that you deserve. We are honest and dedicated to give good advice for our great customers. To get that unbiased advice connect with us by phone or email or by using either tools “GET A FREE QUOTE” or “GET STARTED

Our team is committed to serve you better and deliver an excellent customer service in a timely manner. We will work with you from planning to installation and repair to match your needs and have a comfort experience service for your business or home. To get that excellent service connect with us via phone at 613-842-7431 or by using either tools “GET A FREE QUOTE” or “GET STARTED

We will match or better any competitors advertised price for the same product. We guarantee a price lower than that offered by the competitors. Get your quote from any of our local competition, and will guarantee that we will beat that price. To get the loweset price all what you need to do is get a free quote by using either tools “GET A FREE QUOTE” , “GET STARTED” and mention that there.